How to Choose an IT Recruitment Agency: 7 Pro Tips

February 10, 2022

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Whether you’re the owner of a startup firm or an enterprise, it’s always essential to have your hands on the best prospects. That being said, you must ensure that you get top IT specialists quickly and effectively without spending too much. Searching for candidates yourself isn’t always as cost-effective as hiring a recruitment agency on demand.

It’s simpler for dynamic potential candidates to change jobs in today’s competitive IT sector. As a result, finding appropriate applicants for the right position got increasingly difficult. As a result, the recruitment agency plays a vital role in ensuring you get the best candidates out there.

Let’s make sure you hire a reliable agency to help you.

What is an IT recruitment agency?

An IT recruitment agency is a firm hired to assist other IT organizations in finding individuals to hire. In other words, recruitment agencies function as a go-between for businesses looking for employees and candidates seeking employment.

Why hire an IT recruitment agency?

It saves time

Employing a recruitment agency can save your company time tremendously. Firstly,  the hiring procedure might be pretty time-consuming. Using a recruitment agency may help you save your workers’ time.

Secondly, expert recruitment companies have been working in the field of recruiting for quite a long time. This is why they most likely already have individuals in their applicant pool that are a perfect match for your open job opportunities. This is really helpful since it reduces the time spent throughout the whole recruitment process. 

StaffingPartner, for example, has more than 230,000 candidates in our database. Such a vast amount of prospects makes the candidate search way quicker. And time is money!

Getting top talent

Recruitment companies go through a lot of different places and carefully go over the candidates. This way, they locate the best people out there.

These recruiters will eliminate those who don’t match your company’s goals and objectives and will only pursue professionals that are a perfect fit. You may use the time saved to assess people more carefully and avoid rushing through the recruitment process. 

On the other hand, unprofessional recruiters can cost you valuable candidates who would be a perfect complement to your team. According to PwC’s Future of Recruiting survey, 49% of respondents reject job offers due to bad recruiting experience.

Some recruitment agencies offer technical assessment services, allowing your internal specialists to focus on the main tasks. Meanwhile, no less experienced developers will conduct tech interviews with candidates. As a result, you’ll get top-tier professionals without sacrificing your core duties.

Extra security

One more significant benefit for many businesses is the added protection that using a recruitment agency provides regarding new hire retention. All of the top recruiting agencies provide guarantee periods. This implies they promise to keep your new employee at your firm for a fixed time period (usually 1-3 months). A recruitment agency will provide a substitute candidate for no extra cost if your new hire is dismissed or leaves before the guarantee period expires.

In a nutshell, working with a good recruitment company will help you hire and keep the best talent cheaper and faster!

How to choose an IT recruitment agency?

1. Outline your requirements

Make sure you specify your hiring requirements. How many people are you looking to hire? What kind of job do you want to fill? Are you looking to fill the vacancy immediately, or is this a long-term plan? Do you want a candidate with niche skills or a man-of-all-work? Is it entry-level or senior level?

Choosing the right recruitment agency starts with defining your hiring requirements and detailing all of the positions you are looking to fill.

2. Ask around

Before meeting with an IT recruitment agency, it’s helpful to speak to people who have used their services previously. You can learn important information on how happy they were with the service, how efficient it was and how much they paid in the end. Another thing you should ask around is about any complaints filed against specific recruitment agencies.

3. Go through rating platforms

Rating websites and platforms like Clutch can also help you find the ideal agency. See reviews from companies’ clients to make your decision-making faster, safer, and easier.

4. Discover how their recruiters work

Look at the experience of the recruiters. You may check out their LinkedIn profiles or contact them directly to discover what techniques they employ.

  • What steps do they take to assess candidates? 
  • How do they identify top candidates?
  • How long will it take them to get the first CVs to you?

A lot of good employees are not in search of a new job but would want to hear about other possibilities. A competent recruiter should know how to persuade them to try something new. Keep in mind that you’re looking for individuals who will bring new people to your company. To do so, they must be skilled enough at demonstrating the finest aspects of your company to potential employees.

5. Check their expertise

If you’re looking for a company to assist with recruiting, it’s important that they find the best people. Experienced recruiters have spent years building networks of excellent prospects whose resumes aren’t out in the open. 

You engage the agency recruiter to access their network of prospects that no one else can discover. Hiring a great recruitment agency has more worth than paying for a contract applicant or a full-time in-house recruiter. Time-to-fill will be shorter, and the quality of the applicants will be higher.

These are the two most essential things to consider when recruiting, and they can’t be obtained without the help of a professional recruiter.

6. Specify terms & conditions

An excellent opportunity to ensure that you and the agency recruiter stay on the same page is by clearly explaining the expectations of both parties. Make sure you check their terms and conditions to avoid any potential misunderstandings later. It’s also a good idea to talk about the price beforehand.  

If you have an international business, it is good to find a recruitment agency that works worldwide to consolidate vendors, and close all vacancies with the help of only one company. StaffingPartner, for instance, can take on 50+ vacancies for one client simultaneously and locate candidates in any part of the world. 

Read our case study about recruiting a scrum team to work from office in London within 1 month.

7. Evaluate their team capacity

Many agencies work with freelancers and this is detrimental to the quality of work. Therefore, it is important that a good IT recruitment agency has a large staff (40+ people) where all recruiters are working in-house. 

Ideally, the company should have a clear personnel division into researchers, sourcers, and recruiters. This way, they’ll make awesome work!

Concluding thoughts

Choosing a competent recruiter will save time filling vacant positions by providing access to their network of top prospects without advertising or posting on job boards yourself. If all goes well, choosing a recruitment company should save you time and money.

Keep these points in mind when looking for an IT recruitment agency to fill your vacant positions.

Recruiters from StaffingPartner have vast experience in searching for suitable employees for a variety of IT positions. We have an extensive network of candidates and are always ready to help you find the best person for your company quickly, no matter your location. What’s more, StaffingPartner has been recently selected among the Top IT Services Staffing Firms by Designrush!

If you want to know more about our recruitment services, feel free to contact us.

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