How to Write a Job Description to Attract Top Tech Talent

May 29, 2023

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In the highly competitive tech job market, simply posting a generic job description won’t cut it when it comes to attracting top IT talent. Write a job description that effectively highlights the distinctive aspects of the role, and your company is crucial to entice the best candidates!

A news release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics mentioned that as we kick off the second quarter of 2023, job openings have dropped to their near-lowest level in the last two years. Job seekers should remain optimistic, though, and take encouragement from low unemployment rates and sustained growth in several smaller industries. For example, compared with the last quarter of 2022, government, real estate, and educational services have all ramped up hiring. Below are some essential tips to assist you in crafting a tech job description that will attract the cream of the crop in tech talent. Let’s roll!

Pay Attention to the Job Title 

In the highly competitive tech job market, simply posting a generic tech job description won’t cut it when attracting top talent. To entice the best candidates, creating a captivating job description that effectively highlights the distinctive aspects of both the role and your company is crucial. Below are some essential tips to assist you in crafting a job description that will attract the cream of the crop in tech talent.

Choosing a captivating job title can significantly elevate your job listing above the competition. By opting for an attention-grabbing title, you enhance the chances of attracting top candidates and setting your job posting apart from others in the market.

Keep your Job Title Straightforward: by LinkedIn Study

Most candidates begin looking for open roles by searching for a job title, so it’s essential to keep your job title straightforward. Including words like “wizard” or “ninja” in your job title could prevent your tech job description from appearing in their search results. A good job title should be self-explanatory, accurately reflect the nature of the job, not exaggerate or over-inflate the position, and be free of age and gender implications.  

Boost Your Hiring Success with Descriptive Job Titles

When searching for candidates with specialized skills, it is crucial to be as descriptive as possible in your job postings. For instance, if you seek a developer with expertise in a specific programming language like Java, consider using a job title such as “Java Software Developer.” This approach not only improves your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, but also increases the chances of attracting suitable candidates who can easily find your job posting.

Job Summary

The job summary presents an opportunity to highlight the significance of the role and provide an overview of its position within the organizational structure. It is essential to use this section to outline the team dynamics and the role’s mission. By doing so, you can effectively showcase the impact of the candidate’s work within your organization.

Keeping things concise is essential in today’s busy job market. For many candidates, less is more. Job posts with 150 words or fewer saw candidates apply nearly 18% more frequently than job posts with 450 to 600 words by LinkedIn.

Here are Some Tips for Writing a Concise Job Summary:

  • Start by Identifying the Most Critical Aspects of the Role. What are the key responsibilities? What are the qualifications and experience required?
  • Be Specific. Don’t just say the candidate should be “a good communicator.” Instead, they should be able to “communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders.”
  • Be Positive. Focus on the opportunities and challenges of the role and what the candidate can expect to achieve.
  • Keep It Short. Aim for a summary of 150 words or less.

Lead With Your Values

Incorporating your company’s values into the tech job description is an effective way to attract candidates who align with your organization’s mission and culture. 

Here’s How You Can Lead with Your Values in a Job Description:

  • Integrate Values Into the Job Summary. Begin the job description with a brief summary highlighting your company’s core values and how they relate to the role. Emphasize the impact that the position has on advancing those values.
  • Showcase a Positive Work Culture. Describe your company’s work environment, team dynamics, and any unique cultural aspects that contribute to a positive and inclusive workplace. Highlight initiatives or programs that foster collaboration, growth, and employee well-being.
  • Highlight Social Impact. If your company positively impacts society or the environment, emphasize this in the job description. Share how the role contributes to these efforts and the opportunity for candidates to be part of a meaningful cause.

Responsibilities & Growth Development: Main Characteristics That Should Be Included

  • Skills & Qualifications. Specify the required skills, knowledge, and qualifications for success in the role. Highlight both the technical and soft skills that are essential for the position. This helps potential candidates assess their suitability for the role and ensures a better match between their capabilities and the job requirements.
  • Flexible Salary Range. Provide a salary range that reflects the market value for the position. This demonstrates transparency and helps candidates determine if the role aligns with their salary expectations. If the salary is negotiable or dependent on experience, also make that clear.
  • Benefits & Learning Compensations. Detail the benefits and compensation package, including specific perks, bonuses, or incentives. This could include healthcare benefits, retirement plans, vacation policies, and other relevant compensations. 

Job Description Tips: Use Clear, Down-to-Earth Language

The key to getting a prospect even to entertain working at your organization is establishing a connection. The first step in doing this, and reaching the broadest possible candidate pool, is to ensure your job descriptor language is inclusive and highlights both access to opportunity and a positive working environment and culture (which is less of a “want” and more of a “need” these days).Patti Fletcher, Workhuman (Source: Forbes). 

Here are Some Tips on How to Use Straightforward Language in Your Job Descriptions:

By following these tips, you can write a job description that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. This will help you attract qualified candidates and help you fill your open positions quickly and easily.


Of course, to write a successful job description, you need the skills and experience to do this. After all, whether or not you will hire the right candidate for the client’s request depends on This article discusses the most effective ways to write a good job description. However, if even after reading it, you have any difficulties, you can ask us for consulting services from recruiters who have more than 5 years in the hiring market, achieving success in many different locations.

Partnering with StaffingPartner

We can provide you with access to a vast pool of skilled talent, reduce your time to hire, offer flexibility and scalability, and help you save on project expenses. Because we can give you access to a global tech talent resource to save costs, scale your development team fast, and have round-the-clock productivity. In this way, we keep our services tailored just for you. We are always up-to-date as we monitor your region’s hiring trends. We know how to write a job description to attract top tech talent. Try working with our professional global IT recruitment agency.


What do tech candidates want from employers?

To attract great tech candidates, offer competitive salaries and benefits, professional growth opportunities, a flexible and remote-friendly work environment, a positive and supportive culture, and meaningful work. Tech candidates seek continuous learning, remote work flexibility, autonomy in scheduling, supportive and passionate colleagues, and companies with a positive impact and culture.

How do you write a job description to attract great hires?

Writing a job description that attracts great hires is crucial in attracting qualified candidates who align with your company’s needs and culture. Abdalslam statistics point out that 79% of candidates believe that the job description should clearly state the company’s mission and values. Therefore it is vital to create it correctly and attractively.

What is the essential strategy for effectively describing technical roles in a job description?

A well-crafted job description attracts qualified candidates who understand the technical requirements and are genuinely interested in the role. By incorporating these tips, you can effectively communicate the technical aspects of the position and attract relevant candidates for your organization. Jobvite statistics show that almost 50% of recruiters say that social media is their #1 investment in building an employer brand and sourcing candidates by describing technical roles using influential descriptions.

How to Hire the Right Tech Talent: Tips Using Digital Technology

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