Tech Recruitment 101: How to Find and Keep A-list Candidates?

November 4, 2021

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The hunt for talent is becoming more fierce than ever before as the market begins to recover from COVID19 quarantine. The market is becoming more candidate-driven, which means that candidates will have more open opportunities. They now have the upper hand in choosing the ideal opportunity. How can you guarantee that you are able to attract and retain the top talent among your competitors? 

We created a cheat sheet containing recruiting tips to arm you up in this battle for talent. After reading this article, you will know how to set your company apart from the competition, where to find top-tier candidates, and how to win them over.

7 successful recruiting tips for the interview

1. Come prepared

Prepare for the interview ahead of time, unless you’re rushed in at the last minute. Although it appears to be a simple mistake, sadly it’s a common one. Examine the candidate’s resume and be prepared to ask specific questions about their expertise. Insightful questions often help reveal meaningful information about the candidate. Also, know the position the candidate is interviewing for and explain why it is vacant, as well as the prospects for growth it provides.

All good candidates are seeking a great place to work where they can actively contribute and grow, not just a decent place to work. You can help them align the position with their professional goals if you can provide a picture of the role’s prospects.

2. Don’t be late

The arrival time for an interview can make or break the entire process. If you are late to pick them up, your candidate may perceive this as a lack of respect. The same goes if they are kept waiting before entering the building or at reception.

If you are delayed in traffic or your previous meeting runs longer than expected, call and let them know beforehand. At least then they will have some idea of when to expect your arrival and won’t be left wondering what is going on. You’ll avoid having to apologize for being late but more importantly, it could earn you some bonus points!

The most common excuse employers use is that “time doesn’t matter” – well actually it does – a lot! It matters not only because punctuality shows respect but also because it gives a good impression of how the company operates. If you keep your commitments, then that’s a sign that you may well return calls on time and meet deadlines – all things any job candidate wants to know about their potential new employer.

3. Give the best offer with perks

Offering the greatest perks is a simple method to distinguish yourself from the competition. According to Recruiter Sentiment Study MRI Network, 52% of job seekers find competitive compensation packages the most attractive criterion, and 27% of prospective hires rejected the offer because of the compensation issues. The statistics remain relevant today.

Do you offer paid courses and certificate programs? Is it possible to give a competitive salary? Is there flexibility in your work schedule? Determine what sets you apart from others and communicate that with all potential employees.

Flexible work schedules have become the new normal over the last 2 years. A candidate’s choice may be influenced by the opportunity to have this flexibility. If your company decides to provide flexible work hours, make sure that you inform all potential employees about that to make it sound more appealing.

Some organizations have implemented regionally indexed pay scales to provide all workers with a fair salary that reflects their living costs, regardless of where they reside. Make sure your offer is at least as competitive as the market rate by conducting thorough research on the position you’re interested in and making sure it’s paid at or above the market rate.

Another important factor for candidates is their career development. According to a poll conducted by LinkedIn, the most common reason people switch employers is because of job prospects. Ensure that you tell all the truth about career advancement in your company and the flow of great candidates will surely increase as a result of doing so.

4. Excite your prospect about the firm

Your organization will excite a job seeker if they know it is the right cultural fit. Perhaps you have an amazing culture of innovation and creativity that needs someone on board with a similar mindset. Or, maybe your firm goes above and beyond to stay close to its employees and their families like ensuring staff has an upgraded health care plan or offering scholarship programs for children of immigration.

It is important to answer questions from a recruitment perspective by highlighting your most attractive qualities as a company so the interviewer will be more interested in working with you. Be sure to have examples ready – not just benefits – but also put yourself into the shoes of a candidate and ask what is important to them in their job.

Candidates want to see if they would be an asset to the firm, so make sure you have a list of your company’s biggest accomplishments at hand when responding to questions regarding culture fit. According to Glassdoor US Site Survey, among top five details candidates want to know before accepting the offer is some fine points on what makes the employer company an attractive place for work. Be prepared for the question “What makes your organization special?” by reviewing previous press coverage and marketing material, as this is the most widespread question among A-list job-seekers.

5. Be human

Successful relationships are the key to great recruiting. Nobody likes to be treated as a number. Make your prospects feel valued and respected by showing that you care about them as people (obviously which they are!). Don’t make your candidates feel like they’re having conversations with an emotionless machine. Instead, make every effort to be as personal and responsive as you can, and they’ll absolutely love it.

6. Give feedback

During the whole procedure, keep the candidate informed. Work with them transparently to see if your objectives line up. When your company is honest with potential workers, they are more inclined to trust you, which increases the chance that they will choose you over other employers. Please get in touch with candidates, even if they didn’t pass the interview, and give some feedback or explain why they didn’t secure the position. This will save time and money on both ends, as the candidate may go ahead and apply for another opening you have available instead of searching elsewhere.

7. Give them something their current position doesn’t 

We doubt that passive job applicants will jump ship from their current position to take on an almost identical one elsewhere. As a result, in order for your opportunity to pique their interest, it must have exclusive differences. As reported by the State of the American Workplace Gallup, more than 40% of people would leave their current jobs for the one with better benefits, like health insurance, more paid leave, better retirement plan, greater corporate culture, etc.

When you come across a candidate who seems like a great fit for one of your open jobs, it’s time to do some research to create the best offer (the one we talked about in tip #3). A little investigation should locate some of the disadvantages of their current job. Is the wage too low? Perhaps the work conditions or strict schedule aren’t convenient for them? Maybe there aren’t any career prospects? The list can go on and on.

If you can focus on this task and find this candidate’s pain points, you may easily make them a new member of your team.

Where to find staff

Now that we’ve gone over the interview tips, it’s time to find out where to search for staff. And not just some staff, but A-list candidates. Because we are not settling for anything less. Here are 5 job search platforms that are considered among the best in 2021.

  • Indeed Jobs
  • Glassdoor
  • CareerBuilder
  • SimplyHired 

We hope you found these recruitment tips helpful. When recruiting a potential candidate, put these tips into action to not only improve the applicant’s experience but also win over your top people and get good evaluations for your company. 

If there’s anything else we can do to help your company recruit top-tier candidates, let us know! We are the #1 recruiting agency in Ukraine, according to The Manifest with years of expertise behind our backs and we widely practice recruitment outsourcing for your clients. Why waste too much time and overtire your recruitment team when you can hire our recruiter to assist you? We have a database of 120K+ candidates, advanced search tools (more than just the ones open to the public), and have deep expertise in pointing out and searching for A-list candidates with the exact qualifications you need for your position. 

We’re happy to partner with you and create a stellar recruiting process that gets the job done fast and right. Contact us to find the perfect recruiting specialist to add to your team!

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