Recruitment Agency Services – What is Included in the Costs?

January 27, 2022

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Most people don’t think about the costs associated with IT recruitment agency services until they are ready to hire someone. It’s always better to have this information before partnering with the agency. This way, you’ll get new workers onboard faster and avoid any possible conflicts. 

Usually, recruitment agencies charge 15 to 30 percent of a candidate’s annual rate. It makes up to a couple of thousand dollars in the IT-sphere. So, you may be wondering what is included in the price of expert IT recruitment company services and what you should expect. In this article, we will explore what makes up these costs.

Industry knowledge

We all know that in order to thrive, we must continuously improve our abilities. The same logic applies to one’s professional career. Recruiters must be specialized and understand a great deal about specific job areas to succeed with the candidate search. 

Industry knowledge is fundamental in the IT sphere. Here, recruiters must have the know-how of programming languages, frameworks, models of cooperation with the company, and many other nuances, to appeal to candidates and not fall flat on the face in front of them. Therefore, even a person working as a recruiter in other areas for 20+ years will not immediately become a top-tier recruiter in IT.

Of course, recruiters’ experience doesn’t come out of nowhere. To gain this knowledge, they must constantly be on the lookout for advancements in their field. Many IT recruitment agencies, including StaffingParter, have regular seminars and courses that help employees develop new skills. Not only must these professionals stay current with what’s going on in their fields, but they must also keep a finger on the pulse of hiring managers in other parts of the industry. 

Recruiters need to know it all if they are going to attract this talent pool for you. And that costs quite a lot of money. 

Time and volume of work

You get an extended recruiter capacity at your service when hiring an IT recruitment agency for candidate search and/or HR and tech interviews. Agencies have experienced and skilled recruiters who find suitable candidates in a short time frame. They spend hours each day reviewing available positions and resume databases across different channels to ensure that they bring you only the best candidates out there.

Projected candidate pipeline

Efficient talent pipelining allows rapid access to competent candidates. It can help reduce time to fill open positions—the more accurate the pipeline of suitable candidates is, the less time it takes to hire new staff. In addition, a steady flow of quality CVs may reduce overall costs due to a shorter onboarding period and shortened training time. 

Great recruitment agencies invest their time, effort, and money into building candidate pipelines so that you’ll get your results as quickly as possible.

Progressive recruiting tools

Even if you do it yourself, recruiting is still time-consuming and costly. Have you ever attempted to publish a vacancy and then put it among top job descriptions or run an advertisement with it? If the answer is no, it’s helpful to check out the basic pricing for famous job posting platforms. You may be pretty shocked at the prices there.

The number of recruiting tools at a recruiter’s disposal has also increased over time. According to the Staffing Buyer Study, 67% of hiring managers think recruiting companies must catch up with tech trends and implement the newest technologies in their work. Companies that keep up with the times invest in cutting-edge recruiting technology that can help automate and streamline finding new employees. A professional approach is indicated, for example, if the recruitment agency uses advanced Application Tracking Systems (ATS) or has LinkedIn Premium accounts. These features, however, are not free to use.

Personal approach

A good recruitment company must have a personal approach with both clients and job seekers. 

A good recruitment process includes preparing for a meeting with a candidate. The recruiters convey their interest and respect towards candidates by reading their CVs and carefully examining the LinkedIn profiles before having a conversation with them. The information acquired from the Hiring Manager is critical for having a meaningful discussion. That’s why, for there to be a worthwhile conversation, recruiters who focus on a specific project must understand what kind of candidate they’re looking for.

Working on several projects simultaneously and being a great partner in the discussion showing expertise in different areas might be difficult. However, this kind of concentration is always rewarding. For example, it helps the recruiter sway the candidate and get valuable insights. This boosts the chances of spotting “the perfect match” and finishing the recruitment process with flying colors.

Agency maintenance

Needless to say, an IT recruitment agency is an actual business. As with any other business, the owner must pay for the costs associated with running it, including income taxes, payrolls for employees, administrative expenses, and benefits like insurance, etc.

Our recruiting services

If you’re an IT company looking for a qualified and experienced recruiter to assist you in finding the best candidates quickly and efficiently, the StaffingPartner recruitment agency is ready to help! We have a team of skilled recruiters dedicated to finding the best candidates for your positions worldwide – both locally and remotely. Whether you need recruiting tech specialists in London or IT experts in New York, we’ve got you covered.

What do we offer? There is a variety of IT recruiting services we provide, from global recruitment to tech interviews and much more. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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