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StaffingPartner is the most popular professional team of IT recruiting specialists in Ukraine. How did we achieve this? We reached the level of 30+ vacancies for one company simultaneously and presented candidates in 2 days from the beginning of the search. Ukraine, Europe, the US - it doesn't matter. We will find everyone!

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01 day

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Why StaffingPartner?

We work on 30+ of your vacancies concurrently

We provide constant feedback and reporting

We understand the in-house recruitment processes

We predict the result with 90% accuracy

We work with rare vacancies

We find those whom others cannot find

We fill vacancies faster than others

98% of our candidates successfully pass the warranty period

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What people say about us

We have been cooperating with StaffingPartner for almost a year. The follow-up, support, and professionalism we experience in our collaboration are truly exceptional.

Their Recruiters put in the effort to understand our requirements, as well as required skills and background to find the candidates that would fit our positions best.

Iryna Gavryliuk

Operations Planning and Recruitment Head at Symphony Solutions

StaffingPartner is a good choice if you are looking for hiring smart talents, a forecasted pipeline of good candidates, and a considerable recruitment expertise.

The company helped us make our recruitment department and recruitment function more efficient.

Andrew Burak

CEO and Co-Founder at Relevant Software

Our cooperation with StaffingPartner started when Intellias was growing faster than any other IT outsourcing company in Ukraine. During that period of intensive hiring, they became one of the reliable recruitment partners which helped us fill Senior and Lead-level positions. They always demonstrated a proactive approach in building relationships with us as a customer, a deep market knowledge, and persistence in communication with candidates.
I can recommend StaffingPartner as a deserving recruitment vendor to fill vacancies of different levels.

Olha Dyuzheva

HR and Recruitment Director at Intellias

I recommend StaffingPartner as a trustworthy vendor that provides professional support with talent recruitment. They dive deep, and also they help with recruitment consulting.
Being fast and responsive, they provide a robust pipeline of good candidates.

Ekaterina Miroshnikova

Recruitment Delivery Manager

StaffingPartner is the most professional agency we’ve been working with so far. Before partnering with them, we worked with a couple of other recruiting companies on staffing our open needs. None of those companies met our goals, but StaffingPartner do their work, they deliver.
Their proactive approach results in a pool of candidates matching our criteria, from which we select the ones to welcome in our team.
Moreover, not only generates StaffingPartner leads for us, but also helps at every stage of the recruiting process, from composing appealing job descriptions to offering our selected candidates.
If you are looking for a professional recruiting agency, I highly recommend StaffingPartner.

Vasil Shkoropad

Cognizant Softvision Lviv Studio Lead