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Senior React Developer

Location: Cyprus
Engaged 6 candidates in 2 weeks

Vacancy closed in 3 weeks

Relocate, Cyprus, Athens, and perfect match. 🌍✈️
We are proud to work with famous international companies, that trust us to hire candidates for relocation. One of such stories we will share with you at the #sp_cases

Our client, a product company based in Cyprus, was looking for a Senior React Developer to relocate to Limassol. The requirements were to be an experienced specialist (Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, etc.) with a good level of spoken English and a desire to move to Cyprus.

It was decided to search in Europe. The client was offered 6 relevant profiles within the first two weeks. The company liked one of the candidates so much that decided to hire a specialist in Greece (Athens) where they have one of the representative offices. Due to the company’s flexibility two weeks after signing the offer, the candidate became part of the client’s team.

🔹 If you are hiring candidates for relocation within the country or abroad – contact us:
The professional recruitment team at Staffing Partner will help you to interest the necessary candidate in the shortest possible time.
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Middle Angular Developer

Location: Ukraine, Lviv
Engaged 3 candidates in 1 week

Vacancy closed in 1 week
Senior DBA PostgreSQL Engineer

Location: Latvia, Riga
Engaged 5 candidates in 2 weeks

Vacancy closed in 2 weeks
Middle FullStack Java/JS Developer

Location: Remote
Engaged 9 candidates in 3 weeks

Vacancy closed in 3 weeks
Senior .Net Developer

Location: Remote
Engaged 7 candidates in 2 weeks

Vacancy closed in 2 weeks

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We have been cooperating with StaffingPartner for almost a year. The follow-up, support, and professionalism we experience in our collaboration are truly exceptional.

Their Recruiters put in the effort to understand our requirements, as well as required skills and background to find the candidates that would fit our positions best.

Iryna Gavryliuk

Operations Planning and Recruitment Head at Symphony Solutions

StaffingPartner is a good choice if you are looking for hiring smart talents, a forecasted pipeline of good candidates, and a considerable recruitment expertise.

The company helped us make our recruitment department and recruitment function more efficient.

Andrew Burak

CEO and Co-Founder at Relevant Software

Our cooperation with StaffingPartner started when Intellias was growing faster than any other IT outsourcing company in Ukraine. During that period of intensive hiring, they became one of the reliable recruitment partners which helped us fill Senior and Lead-level positions. They always demonstrated a proactive approach in building relationships with us as a customer, a deep market knowledge, and persistence in communication with candidates.
I can recommend StaffingPartner as a deserving recruitment vendor to fill vacancies of different levels.

Olha Dyuzheva

HR and Recruitment Director at Intellias

I recommend StaffingPartner as a trustworthy vendor that provides professional support with talent recruitment. They dive deep, and also they help with recruitment consulting.
Being fast and responsive, they provide a robust pipeline of good candidates.

Ekaterina Miroshnikova

Recruitment Delivery Manager

StaffingPartner is the most professional agency we’ve been working with so far. Before partnering with them, we worked with a couple of other recruiting companies on staffing our open needs. None of those companies met our goals, but StaffingPartner do their work, they deliver.
Their proactive approach results in a pool of candidates matching our criteria, from which we select the ones to welcome in our team.
Moreover, not only generates StaffingPartner leads for us, but also helps at every stage of the recruiting process, from composing appealing job descriptions to offering our selected candidates.
If you are looking for a professional recruiting agency, I highly recommend StaffingPartner.

Vasil Shkoropad

Cognizant Softvision Lviv Studio Lead

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