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Job details

  • Location: Ukraine
  • Experience: 5 years
  • DBA: 5 years
Position: Product Analyst
Location: Ukraine
Project: An online marketplace that is revolutionizing professional services by making fast, affordable expert help accessible to people everywhere

Main Responsibilities:

- Work with Product and Analytics leadership to conceive and structure analysis, and deliver highly actionable insights from “deep dives” into specific areas of our business
- Conduct analysis of a tremendous amount of internal & external data to find growth & optimization opportunities for the business
- Package and communicate findings and recommendations to a broad audience (including senior leadership)

Critical skills:
- Hands-on experience with data
- Business and Analytical mindset
- Proficiency in analysis and business modeling using Excel
- Basic to mid-level proficiency in data extraction using SQL
- Experience with Google Analytics, BigQuery, Google Ads, PowerBI, Python / R would be a plus

We offer:
- Time off throughout the year (paid and unpaid)
- Professional development support and encouragement
- Resources to help improve your overall well-being

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