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December 24, 2022

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Employee happiness is critical to a company’s overall success, which is why creating a good corporate culture is so important. Job perks are one of the most important ways to preserve your staff’s enthusiasm as well as attract and retain talent. The more competitive the job market is, the more you need to offer your employees to keep them happy. According to statistics, 49% of employees start looking for a better job within 12 months if they are unsatisfied with the benefits offered. 75% of employees reported the importance of not just job perks but a variety of them.

But there’s a lot of confusion out there about what constitutes an employee perk – so we’ve compiled this list of some super cool, creative, and unusual perks that will make your team extremely grateful they work for you!

A pet-friendly environment

In the IT industry, workers spend almost the entire day at work, leaving their four-legged friends alone at home. Why don’t you let your employees bring their pets to the office, just like PetSmart did? This way, little companions will get enough love and much-needed attention throughout the day from the entire office. Also, some discounts on veterinary services, grooming, merchandise, and so on will definitely be appreciated by pet owners. 

Education and career perks

Help your workers with their education and career development. Offer them free training for career development and reimbursement for their tuition. Form a yearly personal budget for studying for every worker to use. Another fantastic option is to let employees go through personal training during work hours. It shows that you care about their career and gives them a chance to learn a new skill. 

More parties

Work hard – play hard! Just ordering food and calling it a party is so outdated! Why not organize holiday parties like Halloween costume parties or Christmas out-of-the-office ones? How about karaoke parties for those who like to sing, gaming Fridays for gamers, or even monthly sport plays? Some companies even make dumplings with their teams on Lunar New Year!  The sky is the limit when it comes to party ideas, and your team will definitely appreciate some time off to have some fun.

Wellness benefits

This one’s a given – perks should be beneficial to the employee! Make sure to offer good health insurance, including life insurance and dental coverage. You can also provide service benefits like 401(k) plans or corporate discounts on travel products. A relaxation space in your office where employees can retreat and recharge during the day will be absolutely adored.

An in-office gym

This one’s a no-brainer – who wouldn’t love an in-office gym? Not only does this perk make it easy for employees to get their daily workout in, but it also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it can help reduce stress levels and improve productivity. Win-win! 

Flexible hours

Netflix allows its workers to come in and leave work whenever they want as long as they get their job done. This perk is perfect for parents with young children or anyone who wants to avoid the morning and evening rush hour traffic. 

Outdoor activities

It’s summer, and you catch your workers staring longingly in the window, reminiscing their childhood? Why not spend an hour a day playing the same active games? It’s great for office morale, and it’s a perfect way to break up the workday. Football, basketball, dodgeball, and mini-golf are always popular choices – or you can get more creative with your activities! 

Creative team-building exercises

Are you tired of the same old team-building exercises? Why not try something different like an escape-room challenge or scavenger hunt? This perk is perfect for boosting office spirit, and it’s also a chance for employees to get to know each other better. We also know some companies that organize beer pong tournaments! 

Snacks and drinks

Who doesn’t love free food? Offering snacks and drinks is a great way to show your appreciation for your employees and keep them fueled up throughout the day. This perk is especially appreciated by those who have a long commute. How about a summer BBQ just outside of the office or a corporate cookout? Your employees will surely enjoy a fine meal prepared with the team. 

Company retreats

There’s nothing better than going away for a team-building weekend! Even if you can’t afford to take your staff abroad, why not organize an out-of-office weekend where employees can go camping together or try out a new hobby? This perk is especially great for younger employees usually strapped for cash.


Team up with local cinemas, theatres, cafes, and restaurants to provide your workers with member discounts. Make them feel special and proud of working for you. Discounts also come in handy for team-building activities or nights out together after work. 

Casual dress code

Luckily for employees, IT companies don’t have a strict dress code. Nobody expects you to come in an uncomfortable business suit every single day. But let’s make the employee experience even better! For example, give your staff members cool slippers and cozy blankets along with other stuff during the onboarding process. 

In American schools, students practice spirit weeks every season. Why not dress up as your favorite movie character on Monday, get a duo costume with a colleague for Tuesday, wear pajamas for Wednesday, try on something special for a Throwback Thursday, and come wearing company colors on Friday? There are tons of ideas on the internet! This activity is a great way to destress after a long work season.

“Company benefits are one of the ways we can show employees that they are important to us,” said Lesia Belmeha, head of HR at StaffingPartner. “For many employees, this is a factor that influences both the choice of company and whether to stay with it in the future.”

There are so many great employee perks out there that your team will love! Be creative and think outside the box to find the perfect ones for your company. These perks can help improve office morale, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and boost productivity. So go ahead and spoil your employees with some of these fantastic perks! They definitely deserve it.

As a recruiting agency that works with many IT companies, we know that all these benefits make recruitment easier. But even if your company doesn’t have all of these yet, we can help you find top developers that will match all of your requirements within only 1 month! Contact us to learn more!

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