Executive job search is top-level recruitment that is not available to most recruiters. Here’s when executive search firms like us come into play. Real professionals do not usually look for a job. But we know how to capture their attention and inspire them to take a step toward your company.

How it works


Getting acquainted with the client and clarifying the details of vacancies

  • the first call within 24 hours after the request
  • immediate prediction of possible results and risks that should be eliminated before working with the vacancy
  • starting work without delays simultaneously with signing the contract

Providing the first candidates for consideration

  • working on 50+ active candidates simultaneously, so you get the first results fast
  • actively seeking and contacting relevant specialists
  • using only the most effective search tools, which are often not available for in-house recruiters

5-6 candidates are under consideration

  • screening the candidates and make sure that they meet the vacancy requirements
  • at the same time, at the client’s request, we conduct a background reference check on the candidates who have successfully passed technical interviews
  • keeping in touch with the candidates and providing feedback to the client

Accompanying the candidate up to the first working day

  • we are in constant communication with the candidate
  • we provide the client with recommendations on preventing counter-offers
  • we issue an invoice for payment of services only after the candidate starts work

What you get

Engaging passive candidates who weren’t looking for a new job

Confidentiality: delicate headhunting that preserves your company reputation

Higher hiring speed = business loses less profit without the key player

We completely cover all stages of the recruitment process without the need for micromanagement

Quality of candidate screening = less spendings on technical interviews

Guarantee of the result: if the candidate doesn’t pass the warranty period, we will find a replacement for free

Fresh cases

Senior React Developer

Location: Cyprus
Engaged 6 candidates in 2 weeks

Vacancy closed in 3 weeks

Relocate, Cyprus, Athens, and perfect match. 🌍✈️
We are proud to work with famous international companies, that trust us to hire candidates for relocation. One of such stories we will share with you at the #sp_cases

Our client, a product company based in Cyprus, was looking for a Senior React Developer to relocate to Limassol. The requirements were to be an experienced specialist (Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, etc.) with a good level of spoken English and a desire to move to Cyprus.

It was decided to search in Europe. The client was offered 6 relevant profiles within the first two weeks. The company liked one of the candidates so much that decided to hire a specialist in Greece (Athens) where they have one of the representative offices. Due to the company’s flexibility two weeks after signing the offer, the candidate became part of the client’s team.

🔹 If you are hiring candidates for relocation within the country or abroad – contact us: https://bit.ly/3yhbeWe
The professional recruitment team at Staffing Partner will help you to interest the necessary candidate in the shortest possible time.
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Middle Angular Developer

Location: Ukraine, Lviv
Engaged 3 candidates in 1 week

Vacancy closed in 1 week
Senior DBA PostgreSQL Engineer

Location: Latvia, Riga
Engaged 5 candidates in 2 weeks

Vacancy closed in 2 weeks
Middle FullStack Java/JS Developer

Location: Remote
Engaged 9 candidates in 3 weeks

Vacancy closed in 3 weeks
Senior .Net Developer

Location: Remote
Engaged 7 candidates in 2 weeks

Vacancy closed in 2 weeks

Why StaffingPartner?

We can work on 30+ of your vacancies concurrently

We provide constant feedback and reporting to keep you in the loop

We understand the in-house recruitment processes

We predict the result with 90% accuracy

We work with rare and difficult vacancies

We find those whom others cannot find

We fill vacancies faster than others

98% of our candidates successfully pass the warranty period

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