How to Hire Employees More Efficiently

April 21, 2022

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Team extension is a big responsibility. The ideal team member should not only match the tech stack but also have the soft skills that will allow them to share the values of the company.

By improving your recruiting methods, you can not only find new candidates but also retain and motivate current employees. In this article, we will talk about how to improve the quality of candidates, where exactly to look for them, and how to communicate with them.

What is successful recruiting?

A stable hiring strategy should be in every company. Increased productivity, employer brand, and skilled employees all depend on quality recruitment. Investing in professional recruiters, internal or external, will enable you to execute your business strategy more effectively.

Let’s take a look at the essential components of the recruitment process.

The importance of employer branding

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to hide anything about a company’s reputation. Delays in salary, the unhealthy atmosphere in the team, overtime, and so on – all of this becomes known to the audience and potential candidates very quickly.

According to statistics, 69% of candidates would not want to work with a company that has a bad reputation. Most often, even a higher salary does not help in this case.

The main task of the employer is to focus on creating a favorable working environment. If employees are motivated and interested in their work, they will be happy to share their opinion about the company on their network or social networks.

It is important to develop initiatives and collect feedback from employees so that job satisfaction grows exponentially. The best brand advocates are genuinely satisfied people.

Candidate search channels

There are several main channels where candidates come from. They are traditionally used in recruiting, so they are hardly surprising:

  1. LinkedIn – this can be either a direct search or a vacancy posting.
  2. Universities will come in handy if you want to find trainees or juniors.
  3. Social networks, in particular, Meta (Facebook), can be a great source of candidates.
  4. ‍Network and referrals are one of the most trusted sources of quality candidates.
  5. Job search sites are a classic approach to finding candidates of different levels.
  6. A company website with a career page can only work if the site generates enough traffic.

You can also use creative search formats, such as deep research on thematic forums. 

Recruiting agencies, by the way, have an access to additional search channels, often unavailable to anyone else. They scout for candidates across exclusive databases, using progressive recruiting tools. This combo helps them speed up the search process and deliver the right candidates 3 times faster than your in-house recruiting department.

That’s what we’re proud of in StaffingPartner! Need help finding someone for the role? We’ll be happy to help!

Personal approach & the company presentation 

The higher the level of the candidate, the more demanding they are of a potential job. To win over a specialist, you will need not only to make a good impression on the candidate but also to show all the advantages of the company. According to LinkedIn, 25% of candidates named poor workplace culture as one of the top reasons to leave their previous job.

Always explore the candidate’s personality before applying and prepare well for the interview. Avoid explicit scripts in communication, this reduces trust. The recruiter should indicate the mood of the candidate and keep up a friendly conversation. Openness and honesty with the candidate are the keys to a good impression after the interview for both parties. Remember that even those candidates who are not selected can become advocates for your employer’s brand.

How to improve recruiting efficiency

Your hiring strategy must be designed for the long run. Both operating costs and reputational aspects depend on this. Consider the basic rules for organizing the recruitment process.

Follow the trends in your industry

This is the main rule for any company. By adapting to the direction of the market, you can offer the candidate the best conditions out there. As a business owner, you can invest in specialist training and labor market research. This will increase the professionalism of the employees.

Use all recruiting channels and be honest and unique

The larger your network and the more platforms you use, the more likely you are to find the right candidate in no time. Do not forget that the candidate can also refuse you, observe respectful communication with them in any situation. Unusual presentation and delivery of the information can draw attention to your vacancy. But you should always be extremely honest – do not write false information. Warn candidates even about negative moments, for example, overtime hours.

Maintain good relations with all your candidates

Provide feedback at all stages of interviews and ask for feedback from the candidates themselves. Candidates must understand that they are interacting with humans, not robots with clear instructions. Do not forget to create a database of candidates, because in the future it will help you reduce the time to search for a specialist. Another benefit of good candidate relationships is your company’s excellent reputation, which will spread without any effort on your part.

Implement a referral program

Hiring by referral is one of the most common types of hire. According to CareerBuilder, 26% of external hires come from referrals. Your employees know their job well and can clearly determine whether a specialist they know is right for your tasks and project requirements. And additional encouragement motivates employees to help in the search for new candidates.

Retention of employees in the company

The dismissal of an employee is always associated with additional costs for the company. What’s more, some specialists are quite difficult to find, and their role can be of great importance in the functioning of the company. Another aspect is reputation. If employees often leave the company, this can confuse potential candidates.

A retention strategy should cover all aspects of an employee’s life:

  • Incentives and rewards. Every shown initiative and activity should be encouraged. This will demonstrate that employees are being heard and noticed and are not just working units.
  • Development and education. This is an important consideration when a candidate is considering a job. In any field, new knowledge is constantly emerging, and as an employer, you should be interested in team development.
  • Trusting relationships. Most often, employees leave because of certain people in the team. If an employee has complaints against the manager, the cooperation will not last long. By trusting an employee and passing on the initiative to him, you build friendly relations and a healthy atmosphere within the company.
  • Motivation. Engagement and interest in work can keep an employee even during difficult times. You should also hold one-on-one meetings to clearly understand the needs of each employee and motivate them individually.

These are general guidelines that you can apply in the management of a company. All further recommendations should stem from your business strategy and company values.

External recruiting as an alternative hiring solution

The search for a qualified specialist can become much more effective if you involve a recruiting agency. Most often, such agencies have a large database of specialists who may be right for you. In addition, this way you can get high professionalism and skills in the search.

By outsourcing the candidate hunt, you get a clear deadline for the presentation of the first candidates and focus on business. Recruiters are exclusively engaged in hiring and can provide the candidate with full-fledged communication.

Another plus is the global search. For example, if a business wants to receive a high level of service at an affordable cost, candidates from Eastern Europe should be considered. If a business is considering outsourcing employees, recruiters can help with the search, thanks to their expertise and knowledge of the market.

Concluding thoughts

The beginning of any improvement begins with an analysis of the current state of affairs. Pay attention to how the hiring process is going now, where the candidates come from, what percentage of new employees do not pass the probationary period, how the communication within the company goes – all this will help to identify weaknesses and correct the situation.

A high turnover of staff leads to an increase in operating costs and subsidence of business processes, so it is important to hire high-quality candidates and create comfortable working conditions.

If you need help with efficient hiring, we’re here for you. Recruiters from StaffingPartner have years of experience searching for candidates from all over the world and have numerous awards from popular ranking sites, like Top IT Services Staffing Firms by Designrush and 2021’s Top Recommended Recruiting Agency by The Manifest. We’ll find the right match for your vacancy in no time. Drop us a message to get a quote!

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