HR and Recruiter – What’s the Difference?

November 4, 2021

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People often confuse these two professions, HR Manager and Recruiter, thinking that they are synonyms. Actually, it’s not the same. While small businesses have one person to do both jobs, bigger companies usually have 2 different people for that. In this article, we’ll figure out the difference between HR and recruiter so you won’t confuse them later in the future 🙂

Who is recruiter?

Joining a new company starts with the recruiter. This is the first person a candidate meets. The recruiter is the one who searches for a perfect candidate to fill the open position. This person communicates a lot with the project manager or a team lead to get an understanding of job requirements and fills a job description. The recruiter is also responsible for conducting initial and technical interviews, scheduling meetings with management and candidates, forming a competitive offer, and specifying some work details. 

Who is HR manager?

After the recruiter’s job is done, the HR manager comes into play. HR manager is responsible for employee care, training, and personal growth. This person is also in charge of compliance with labor law, pay and perks, organizational design like Friday brunches, corporate parties, and more. HR executives are frequently engaged in an associate’s beginning and end experience at a firm as well as in upgrading the current workplace culture. 

Let’s sum it all up in a table.

Recruiter or HR?

So, the real question is: recruiter or hr? If you’re the one seeking a person for the position, we’d say both. Many businesses, particularly small ones, believe that one individual or a single team can handle both responsibilities simultaneously. However, these are two separate workflows. When a recruiter wins a candidate over and that person is hired, the responsibility is now passed to HR. Putting both jobs on one employee may harm your business. If an HR manager is overloaded with a candidate search, they will have less time to focus on employees that are already there. If a recruiter is attempting to deal with performance reviews while looking for suitable candidates for open positions, both of these tasks won’t be done properly. So, both roles are essential for organizations to thrive.
According to LinkedIn’s Talent Trends report, many businesses struggle when they don’t separate retention and recruiting functions. Splitting these completely different roles from each other would improve each of them.

If you are looking for a chance to reduce the costs of having both HR and recruiter on board, we have a solution for you. The thing is, the recruiter doesn’t have to be an in-house employee. Many companies, big and small, often practice hiring outsourced recruiters. The person just comes, finds you A-list candidates, gets paid, and leaves. No additional expenses are needed. There are many benefits to using an outsourced recruiter from a recruitment agency. These include saving your money on keeping an in-house recruiter, lowering your team workload, and finding the right candidate fast, which means that your business gets a good income quicker.

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