Discover the Top 20 Programming Languages Worth Learning in 2023

June 2, 2023

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Despite the pandemic rattling of all the industries, the IT sector, on the contrary, has shown a 20% growth in 2020. Ukraine is getting international recognition for its IT talent, according to the Ukraine-United States Business Council’s President Andy Hunder. “The professionalism of Ukraine’s IT specialists,” he adds.

In 2021, Ukraine was projected to be the fourth greatest country for outsourcing software development talent, up from fifth place in 2020. With over 16,000 new IT specialists each year, Ukraine is blossoming with its expanding number of computer-skilled science graduates, all ready to work remotely. According to BRDO, these numbers are predicted to rise to 37,400 coders each year by 2030. Thus, many worldwide businesses are hiring IT staff globally.

Which programming languages are used for work the most?

Here’s the rating of programming languages used for work based on the annual survey of 7211 developers, 92% of whom are from Ukraine.

  1. JavaScript (18.1%)
  2. Java (14.7%)
  3. C# (14.3%)
  4. Python (12.1%)
  5. PHP (10.1%)
  6. TypeScript (6.9%)
  7. C++ (4.6%)
  8. Swift (3.1%)
  9. Ruby (3%)
  10. Kotlin (2.6%)
  11. Go (2%)
  12. Scala (1.7%)
  13. C (1.7%)
  14. 1C (1%)
  15. T-SQL (0.9%)
  16. Dart (0.8%)
  17. PL-SQL (0.5%)
  18. Pascal/Delphi (0.3%)
  19. R (0.3%)
  20. Apex (0.3%)

Python’s popularity has bottomed for the first time since 2014. It had been steadily growing at double-digit rates since 2018, but it dropped 8.3 percentage points in 2021. TypeScript, for instance, has lately been gaining a lot of momentum and is increasingly seen as the most popular language in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Survey participants’ fields

As we’re discussing programming languages, it’s crucial to understand the context. The majority of survey participants (3,722) work in the backend sector (39%). Most utilize Java (19%), C# (19%), and PHP (10%) in the backend sector. In front-end development, 19% are employed (1,370), with JavaScript and TypeScript being used by 19%. Swift and Kotlin are used by 8% in mobile development, while Python is used by 6% in big data processing.

The chart above shows that backend developers utilize a variety of programming languages, helping to push their popularity up the list. JavaScript is an exception, however, as it is used by both front-end, backend, and mobile developers.

TypeScript and JavaScript are the definite winners in terms of front-end development. A python is a good option because it gets most of its market share from big data processing, which, unfortunately, has decreased for the first time in seven years.

Most wanted programming languages 2021

Participants from the DOU annual survey were also asked what language they would want to use for their jobs. The results were very revealing. C# was chosen by the most people (14.1%). Dart (80.9%), TypeScript (43.1%), Rust (40.8%), Scala (36%), Ruby (20.9%), and Go!(16.7) were the big climbers in percentage points.

StaffingPartner statistics

Now that you have analyzed the data we gathered from the, we would like to share our research on this issue. StaffingPartner recruiters have closed over 200 vacancies for IT industry leaders, like GlobalLogic, Infopulse, Eleks, N-ix, SoftServe, Intellias, Ciklum, and others in 2021. Based on data of All hires by our recruitment agency last year, Java (21.1%) leads the rating, followed by React.js (9.6%), .Net (7.3%), and Angular (7.3%).

Popular programming languages over the years

Take a look at how the popularity of languages changed throughout eight years, based on the number of contributions. Source: GitHub.

StaffingPartner offers global recruitment services that can help you find the best talent for your company. We have extensive experience in the IT industry and can provide you with the best candidates for your vacant positions. Let us help you find the perfect candidate for your company!

Top programming languages in 2022

What about the future? Can there be any predictions about which programming languages are the best to have in your tech stack in 2022 and later? We can help you here. Undoubtedly, the tech stack depends directly on the type of project your company is working on. But here are programming languages that are sure to stay on top in the future.

  • JavaScript – utilized to make interactivity and feature-rich web applications, and may also be used for creating other programs that run anywhere;
  • Java – allows you to develop applications for all types of platforms, including web and mobile, as well as enterprise-level apps and Big Data interaction;
  • Python –  a dynamic, high-level programming language with an emphasis on code readability and maintainability; is frequently used for machine learning, deep learning, data science, and statistics/computational science;
  • PHP –  developed for building dynamic web applications;
  • TypeScript – can be used to create big apps with limited errors and a strict syntax;
  • C++ – designed to assist you in developing robust and resilient solutions that can handle high-speed processing and complex capabilities;
  • Swift – used for building apps for macOS, iPhones, and iPads;
  • Kotlin – leading language for app development on Android.

Concluding thoughts

Both individuals and businesses need to keep track of the most popular programming languages in Ukraine, which is why it’s essential to understand what they entail. When it comes time to put together their software development team, these details will be helpful. We at StaffingPartner always keep up with trends! Whether you have a trendy open vacancy or a rare one, we can get top-tier professionals to work for you. Let our skilled recruiters close vacancies for you in a record time. Or get our recruiter on board and expand the capabilities of your recruitment team during the peak periods of the season. We also offer a variety of other services, like executive search, recruitment consulting, global recruitment. You can even borrow our tech specialist for the candidate’s assessment when needed. Drop us a message; we would love to work with you!

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What are the top programming languages, according to the StaffingPartner blog?

According to the StaffingPartner blog, the TOP programming languages used for work in 2023 are JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, and PHP.JavaScript is the most popular language for web development, while Java is the most popular language for enterprise applications. C# is a popular choice for game development and mobile development, and Python is a popular choice for data science and machine learning. PHP is a popular choice for web development, but it has been declining in popularity in recent years.

Are there any notable trends or changes in the top programming languages over the past year?

The top programming languages have seen notable trends and changes over the past year. Python has continued to rise in popularity and is now the most popular language in the world. JavaScript is still the most popular language for web development and is also used for game and mobile development. Go is a relatively new language that has grown in popularity recently. It is a simple, fast, and reliable language well-suited for developing large-scale applications. PHP has declined in popularity in recent years, but it is still a popular language.

How do I choose the right programming language for my project or career path?

There are many factors to consider when choosing programming languages for your project or career path. Here are a few things to keep in mind: the type of project you are working on, your skills and experience, and the future of the language. Ultimately, the best way to choose a programming language is to experiment with a few different languages and see which one you like the best. There is no right or wrong answer, and the best language for you will depend on your specific needs and goals.

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