Case Study: Tech Recruitment for the UK-based Healthcare Company

February 1, 2022

3 min read

Project Overview

A UK-based company that started developing a digital healthcare tool. The company had the project on the MVP stage when they reached out to us. They needed to fill several core positions to bring the digital tool to the next level and make it the best on the market.

Type of specialists


Preferably London-based team or remote specialists with monthly visits to London. The company also offered a relocation program.

The problem

The company pitched their project on its MVP stage and received investment for further development. However, they had a strict deadline for the project delivery and needed to extend their team with a whole scrum team consisting of top-notch developers quickly. 

Due to the project’s complexity, the team members had to be working from the office in London, or at least to be able to visit it once a month.

The challenges

The team had to include only Senior-level specialists: Backend and Frontend developers, Infrastructure engineer (DevOps), Scrum Master, and an Automation QA. And all the positions needed to be closed within one month. Moreover, as it`s a product company, we needed to find the candidates with the relevant soft skills which fit company culture.

The main challenge in times of pandemic was to find specialists who are based in London, or ready for the relocation, or agree to have monthly business trips to the UK.

StaffingPartner recruiters started a wide-scale international search with the main focus on UK developers. Within the first week of sourcing, we presented the client with 3-5 candidates for each position who had already passed the HR interview stage. The candidates were mainly from the UK and Western Europe, which is rare for recruitment agencies that usually provide Eastern European candidates.

The outcome

The StaffingPartner team managed to recruit the relevant candidates before the deadline. Besides the regular sourcing and HR interview stages, we also conducted most tech interviews involving the tech experts who had experience in healthcare projects. 

Three candidates who received the offer were from London. Two other candidates (from Germany and Norway) were willing to visit the office once a month, and one candidate from Poland was ready to relocate.

All candidates have completed the trial period and are working on the digital healthcare tool that will make patients’ and doctors’ lives much easier in the near future.

In case your company has open software engineering vacancies, we can help you hire the right IT talent faster in any part of the world. Contact us right now to get the first candidates within 1 week.

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