IT Recruitment in Ukraine

We will bring you together with the bright and affordable developers from Ukraine. Get access to the 285,000 top-notch IT specialists with StaffingPartner.

About This Service

IT recruitment in Ukraine is in high demand for both local and global businesses, and we have the expertise to meet the needs of both. The Ukrainian IT community has much to offer the global business market, such as highly skilled developers ready to start working on short notice, good rates, English proficiency, and exceptional cultural fit.

Strong connections with local accelerators give us privileged access to a large hidden talent pool, which opens great opportunities for our clients.

StaffingPartner can be of service to you if:

You want to hire qualified yet affordable candidates from Ukraine
You are creating an R&D center in Ukraine and need to hire an entire team
You are looking for the best Eastern European Engineers with a similar business mindset to your own
You represent large multinationals that want to expand their operations in Ukraine.

What you get:

Access to over 285k engineers known for their outstanding skills and diligence
A local team of IT recruiters who expertly know the talent market
Fast hiring to either build your team from scratch or expand your current team
Lower taxes than in Europe or the USA to save on your development budgets

Service specifics

In-house recruitment experience

Our core team has had significant experience working in software development companies, so we understand your needs and know how to fulfill them.

Closing your vacancies in the most efficient way

We always find a way to recruit highly skilled specialists within your requested ranges.

Predictable recruitment process

You will get a specific number of candidates presented to you within a preset timeline.

Consulting on the candidates market

We provide you with precise and up-to-date information on available specialists and their salary ranges.

Why Hire in Ukraine?


Hiring Ukrainian tech specialists is 4 times more affordable than American or European ones.

Easy Communication

The English level is intermediate to advanced for more than 79% of Ukrainian developers.

Remarkable skills

According to SkillValue the competency score of Ukrainian developers is 93,17%.

GREAT Education

Over half of Ukrainian IT specialists have Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math degrees.

Julia Kalinovska, COO at StaffingPartner

“The Ukrainian IT market is a real find for companies that seek to hire skillful developers, who are ready to go beyond their responsibilities and tech stacks. Ukrainian IT market stands out due to low taxes, a large pool of candidates with vast tech background and education, high response rate, and short notice responsiveness.

Even with considering the convenient time zone to work for companies based in Europe and USA, Ukrainian developers are very team-oriented and ready to adjust their schedule to improve workflow. Moreover, Ukrainian developers do not chase after benefits, but rather search for meaningful projects, career opportunities, and challenges to boost their professional growth”

Candidates in Our Database

We have 300K+ manually verified middle to senior level candidates in our database, and it’s consistently growing.


Manual QA/AQA Engineer43491
Full-Stack Developer27567
Back-End Developer82703
Data Engineer34461
UI/UX Designer7914
Embedded/Hardware Engineer9341
System Engineer3410
Product Owner3219
Business Analyst2745
Front-End Developer165405
Mobile Developer35430


React Native4919

All of our data storage, processing and sharing is GDPR compliant

How This Work


Getting acquainted with the client and clarifying the details of vacancies

  • the first call within 24 hours after the request
  • immediate prediction of possible results and risks that should be eliminated before working with the vacancy
  • starting work without delays simultaneously with signing the contract

Providing the first candidates for consideration

  • working on 50+ active candidates simultaneously, so you get the first results fast
  • actively seeking and contacting relevant specialists
  • using only the most effective search tools, which are often not available for in-house recruiters

5-6 candidates are under consideration

  • screening the candidates and make sure that they meet the vacancy requirements
  • at the same time, at the client’s request, we conduct a background reference check on the candidates who have successfully passed technical interviews
  • keeping in touch with the candidates and providing feedback to the client

Accompanying the candidate up to the first working day

  • we are in constant communication with the candidate
  • we provide the client with recommendations on preventing counter-offers
  • we issue an invoice for payment of services only after the candidate starts work

Ready to Start Hiring IT talent in Ukraine?

Why StaffingPartner?

  1. Our team covers it all, from sourcing and screening candidates, to technical assessments and managing your hiring process.
  2. We work using proven searching technologies to find the rarest candidates for you.
  3. We will find a replacement if the candidate doesn’t pass your warranty period. 
  4. Our leading recruiters constantly evolve their searching techniques and can also teach you productive hiring skills.

Still Have Any Doubts?

  • 8% of our clients choose us again
  • 12% accuracy in results prediction
  • 24% successful long-term hires
  • 31% devotion to what we do

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    Have open vacancies?

    Fill the form below and we will get back to you with 1 business day.

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